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Business Coaching Services

My business coaching program has helped owners and executives in Springfield, Missouri and – truly – across the world:

  • Streamline their operations and get things running smoothly
  • Improve hiring and training practices to put the right people in place
  • Build on their financial management skills
  • Draw in more business or better clients

My services are 100% confidential and I have a track record of growing businesses just like yours.

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Services I provide during coaching

Business & leadership coaching

One-on-one coaching to assist and guide you through clarifying your mission, vision, and values. Together, we’ll work to align the business’ systems and culture. I’ll work with business leaders and management-level employees to help them clarify personal and organizational goals, gain self-awareness, achieve their development objectives, and unlock their potential.
You may also lack formal education on the following:

  • Task delegation
  • Running team meetings
  • Reading and fully understanding financial statements
  • Internal communications
  • Marketing strategies suitable for all business sizes


I can’t (nor will I try to) force you to do anything.
However, having regular meetings with me and telling me your goals adds a wrinkle of accountability that could make the difference between dreaming and doing.

Strategic planning

Together, we will develop an overall “big picture” strategic plan, tactical plans for all areas of your business, and identify and measure your key performance indicators – the most important numbers to your business’ success.

Create or fine tune your systems

We’ll mainly work together on three systems in your business:

  1. Team management
  2. Sales/Marketing
  3. Financial

With my guidance, we’ll analyze and identify problems and implement solutions within each system.

It's time to get started

If you’re at all interested in getting your business on track to the success you imagined when you got started, schedule a 15-minute call. There’s no obligation to work with me in doing so. Instead, this call is to decide whether or not we think we’d be a good fit for one another. There’s no immediate transaction. So, there’s truly no risk to scheduling the call.