coaching for Construction & Trades

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Business coaching for construction and other trades

Most business owners in construction and trade professions struggle with one or more of these three things:



You're constantly worried you can't get it all done.


Employee Issues

You can’t get your employees organized, they seem unengaged, or you can’t seem to hire the right people.


Cash Flow

You’re not making enough money, it’s inconsistent, or not making good enough margins.

I want to let you know something right now, this does not mean your idea is bad or that you’re a failure. This is something everyone who is trying to start a business on their own will run into.

don't take it from me

"Noble has been a great asset to my business and team members. Through monthly to bi-weekly in person coaching sessions, he has inspired and led me to make great decisions in my business that has led to greater revenue, but most importantly, better leadership."
Derek Lyons
Owner, Garage Door Guy

You do good work. Your business just needs a tune up.

In most cases, owners of construction or other trade businesses who struggle with the three things above have a lack of training running a business or little experience leading a team. However, I can help in all three areas above. Together, we can:

Investigate your workflows and other processes to see where the logjams happen

Implement better task delegation and communication practices

Teach you how to better interpret financial statements and how to use the information to make better business decisions and increase profitability

Look at marketing solutions to help you find more/bigger jobs

Your business can be successful. You just need help.

Schedule a free 15-minute call with me so we can talk about your business’ specifics and you can decide for yourself if it makes sense for us to join forces.