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Business Coaching for Sole Proprietorship businesses

If you’re running any type of business by yourself with no employees and are seeking out business coaching, I’m guessing you’re struggling with one of three things:


Not enough &/or inconsistent clients


Not enough time


Not enough &/or inconsistent income

I want to let you know something right now, this does not mean your idea is bad or that you’re a failure. This is something everyone who is trying to start a business on their own will run into.

don't take it from me

"Today I am not the same person I was 6 months ago and I give Noble the credit to open my eyes and push me to try things that were out of my comfort zone. I am not opposed to hard work and he saw that, he just needed to give me a little push. "
Eric Houtchens
Owner, Houtchens Home Group

Why is my business struggling with these problems?

Without talking to you, common hurdles owners like yourself face fall into two categories. Either you’re missing education or training on one or more key aspects of your business or doing this all alone just isn’t working anymore. However, business coaching from Noble Business Strategies can help:

Audit and suggest improvements in your workflows as well as other processes.

Teach you how to better interpret financial statements and how to use the information to make better business decisions and increase profitability

Suggest marketing solutions to attract more clients

Stop surviving and start thriving.
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